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January Beginner's Longsword Class

Mon, 9 Jan 2023
Mon, 09 Jan 2023 08:00 PM
Mon, 27 Feb 2023 10:00 PM

COVID-19: You are required to be fully vaccinated and boostered to join this class.  

Full vaccination is defined by getting the full regimen of shots (Pfizer/Moderna = 2, J&J = 1), passing the required 2 weeks for full innoculation, and receiving a booster within 6-8 months of your last dose. You will be required to present your CDC vaccination card on the first day of class as proof.


We currently offer beginner's classes in German longsword, the primary weapon of the Kunst des Fechtens system. 

The beginner's class heavily features proper bio-mechanics, footwork, getting to know the sword, and, at the end of the course, each beginner can try their new skills in our Rookie Tournament. 

All the gear you need is provided for you - masks, swords, gloves, etc. All you need to do is show up in comfortable gym clothes. 

The classes start at 8:00 pm on the first Monday of January, April, July, and October and runs, on Monday, for eight (8) weeks. 

Please try to arrive 15 minutes early so we can start class on time.



Below is a rough schedule of what you will encounter in the Beginner's Class. Be aware that order and topics may change depending on the needs and abilities of the beginners. In general, however, we will try to stick to this schedule. 

Day 1: History, footwork, getting to know the sword, and basic guards
Day 2: Long edge cuts - introducing Oberhau, Unterhau, and Zornhau
Day 3: Short edge cuts - introducing Shielhau
Day 4: Ribbons, flourishes, and moulinets - starting to put it together
Day 5: Cutting at odd angles - introducing Zwerchhau
Day 6: More odd angles - introducing Krumphau
Day 7: Binding, winding, and Schietalhau
Day 8: Sparring games and Rookie Tournament


Rookie Tournament

The Rookie's Tournament is the traditional ending to a beginner's class at Maryland KdF. It stems from historical examples within German fechtschulen. Here, we use it as a measure of the skills you have gained over the course of the class, as an introduction to tournament fighting, an introduction to sparring, and as a passage through to becoming fully fledged club members. 

The rules are based off of a mixture of historical rulesets regarding tournament fencing. Some of the rules include: head-only targeting and point scoring, no wrestling/grappling/ringen, and no running in (attempting to wrestle). The only weapons used are longswords - this tournament is supposed to be a pure test of fencing. Your opponents will not only be your classmates, but other people in the club as well. 

This tournament is not mandatory, but it is a whole lot of fun. 

Ticket Type Price
Beginner's Longsword Class $120.00
Total: $
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6570 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, Maryland, 21045, United States

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